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Access Denied

Some time ago, SashDude and I were thninking of co-authoring a book - called 'Access Denied'. We had planned the approximate line of hought to be in the book, and even the cover (draft) was made. Of course that was becuse makig a over is easier and fun.
Why do I remembeber this now? Well because slowly and steadily the company's IT policy is driving me up the wall. Every bloody site is Access Denied. it is like thats the only word in cyberspace.
Hadd hoti hai yar!
How is a normal person expected to have a decent work output without any entertainment? I mean, everything is blocked except work related sites. No mails(even the most obscur ones), no 'entertainment', no comics nothing. What happens? Well, people will just spend more time with each other, and not on the comp. I mean, even if Im checking email, I will have another window of work open, and for that 5 mins of checking mail, I will also be doing some tiny bit of work on the other window while i either wait for the mail to open or go, etc etc.
However, if I cant do anythign, being trhe social animal I am, I wll spend time at my neighbours desk and for politeness' sake not look at my monitor, nor him at his. We conviniently waste company (and our) time as well.
I dont understand this. I mean what are companies trying to stop? I can understand chat sites, or cricket score sites. But really, after a certai point, its just plain crazy. What will anyone do? Send confidential information? Puhleeze. People will do that no matter what. Every hacker finds a way. It takes time and effort, but it is possible.
I tell you, if given access, most people will not use the sites. I mean, it does effect their own perfrmance. How do you care whether I spend my time on a webcomic or on my officiall email? As long as I deliver my work, it should be fine. Right? Well, OK so most world may not work that way. HOwever, a little entertainment never hurt anyone. It improves the complete scenario. Where does the HR policy of 'fun at workplace' go from here?
Like I always say, work place is not siply work place. It is the place where most employees spend their waking hours. Get up in the morning and come to office, and by the time you leave, it is time to go to bed...for most ppl. You spend your life here. You get paid for achieving some financial goal of the company (eventually), and then, you get appraised for that. YOu manage to meet the goal, and you get a good appraisal. The least the company can do is to help you achieve that goal.
And why spend extra money in trying to make us do the contrary? Okay, get firewalls, get antiviruses - they are system protections. But there really is no sense in blocking everything under the sun. Out of 10 employees, even if one does not do any work, or spends time gaming and downloading from company bandwith...well, thats his eventual loss. How does it ffect the company? They either way have a defined bandwidth.
You are employing educated individuals who you think are capable of reaching their goals. You chose them. You were not forced in any way to hire them. The least you can do is let them be their natural selves.
And now, this is not only true for internet, but other features as well, which are taken for granted in a compny. Sure, its logical to conform to certain requirements when staying close to so many other people, and its understandable if you want to have some basic guidelines regarding that. It helps avoid unnecessary conflicts. But there is a fine line between making a place comfortable for all, and putting down irrational laws.

I can rememeber the ad on TV - on Freedom. "Who says slavery is dead". True enough. Just because someone is paying us for doing their job, does not mean they own us. They can control us.
With power comes exploitation. Just because we are here working, and getting paid for it, we give ourselves up to them. As a result come these controls. And the best part is, we just sit back and agree.
I think I can re-start on Access Denied, with new content.
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