DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Our sojourn in North India

SashdudeSashdude and I, hereafter called "us" travelled to the northern part of India in spite of weekdays and returned only today. the objective - Shobhu's marriage to nidhi. The trip began on an muted note with me not feeling too great. However, for once I made it to the station before time. Perhaps this particular fact ensured the later happenings. So then, I sat in the train and made my way to Delhi. Apu, Vinky were sposed to receive me at del Cantt., whereupon we were sposed to travel to the airport to receive Sash. I had no hopes of seeing Pig. However, as it turned out, Apu became unavoidably busy and uncannily tired. Poor man was in a daze at 9am, having returned from work after 3 days at 6am. Pig was awake but could not make it. So I make my way to Pigs new residence, to find it as expected - like a Sty. Pig wanted to make it better with me around, but I stood on one side and gave him instructions till he was tired (which was 10 mins after he started). Sash soon made his way to the sty from the Airport, and was (unlike me) taken by surprise. Perhaps staying with parents has that effect on ppl. Soon we decided going out was necessary. And eventually we started getting ready - rather, took turns at the loo, while Pig slept. But, before we moved, Sash made it imperative for us to clean the house. And Im proud to stay that my dear frnd actually swept and polished the floor in my absence. Thence at around 3pm we partook our lunch. Vinky was unavoidably busy, but joined us in the evening, as did our batchmate Kanwar. The night was not too eventful the next day being Monday, but it was good, being with Sash, Pig, Apu... and we went to the Super cool place "Q'Ba", a nice lounge. Perhaps t was kewl because so few ppl still know bout it. Night was spent chatting about lotsa things, including the impeding wedding, and perhaps 3 hrs were spent trying to find a word which best described what the Bride was NOT...trust us!! Lack of water was replaced by juice...such was the state. Did I mention that after reaching the first things bought were juices and breads and oil for my horrid allergy? well now u know. Next day Piggy went to office while Sash and I lazed around and took delicious pleasure in being able to do that on a MONDAY (we both hate mondays). The day progressed well, and in the late afternoon we met our dear almost cyber friend RexzillaRexzilla followed by Vinky. The train for Lucknow (our eventual destination for this journey) was scheduled at 630 the next morning, and we accordingly booked a taxi. Promptly after a lot of talk we fell asleep at 1 or 2, but made it on our way out at 540 or so. Our dear Pig had to return his official laptop for work reasons, so we were supposed to make a detour on our way to the station. OK said we, a loss of a few minutes- we can afford it. But few KMs down, dearest Pig realises he left his tickets. So back we go. By 6am we are making our way to his Boss place. and after a Loooooooooooooooong journey make it to New Delhi Station, Platform 6, at 630, dot. Only to find no train on the platform. Just then an announcement said the train was expected on paltform4, but lazy as we were to move again, we enquired which train was o the next platform - ie 7. only to discover it was our train! Well, it left 30mins late. Reached lknw, met Sahil Sood in the hotel. Chatted up and ate 'Lunch' at 5pm. Went to the wedding at 730pm, and saw a Dashing Shobhit :) Saw him get married to Nidi. Piggy tried getting into the train he had booked hi tickets for, and made his way to the station, only to realise it was indefinitely late, and returned to stay for the next day. Slept by 3 am, and got up next day to have a VERY substantial breakfast. Pig awaited "flight tickets" to delhi...which the travel desk assured he would not get. In the end he reconciled to a return journey with us. (Sahil was sposed to leave the next day.) So he turned and slept while we went out to taste what Lucknow had to offer....and we surer did! starting with the well known market of Hazratgunj, where we finally bought a gift for the couple (here i was thrust with a gift from Sash and Sahil) we toured the heritages. Right from the spacious halls of Bada imambara meant for religious Gatherings which could transport a whisper from one end to the other to its "Bhool Bhulaiya" for transfer of secret messages to different parts of India, to the underground secret meeting chamber of the Nawab with the 200-odd ft deep well. We made it to Chota Imambara just as the gates were being closed...and were escorted through the amazing collection of 200 chandeliers. We went to have our "lunch" back to Hazatgunj at 6pm, had kulfi and chaat. Then we made our way to Aminabagh, and sash and I bought Chikan work, followed by the "world famous in india" Kebabs of Tundiya. Back to the hotel by 730pm. Reception at 8pm, train at 10pm. We get ready and come down only to see the car has vanished. Delayed till 9pm looking for a transport to the reception. Poor wedding boy Shobhit getting a BP trying to arrange something from his reception, and no public transport ready to take us there. Well, we made it to the farmhouse - admired the place, got a few snaps taken and changed to travel gear. Then ate - right from starters to Sweet Dish (which we eventually took in our hands in disposable plates I the car) and started off for the station. A race against time again. Pig went to buy some ticket while sash and I boarded the train - while it was moving, accompanied by Pig luggage and Sahil. said a hurried Goodbye to Sahil and hope that Pig had boarded the moving train - while we discussed it being a Diesel traction resulting in slower pickup and hence more chances of Pig boarding. Eventually we discovered he had made it. and after greasing the palm of the ticket Checker, made it through the night on 2 berths. Poor Sash and Pig barely got to sleep. I on account of being of the opposite sex got to spend 4 hrs on a berth alone. Reached Delhi safe and sound, almost immediately went to CP to meet Ruzbeh, and got delayed coz the auto driver passed through a red light! Well, spent time in Janpath, Sash joined us and had some sad lunch, and left me to the station. Made it back to Ahmedabad, sash flight delayed by 2hrs, and my train 9for the 1st time since I’ve taken to travelling in it) delayed by 30 mins. Just abut made it to office. And there ended the lovely, sojourn in North India. Sash says he is still pooped :D

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