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We say life is complicated. there is nothing complicated about life. we are logical animals, we tend to think and act. Now since we are animals somewhere, we tend to act on the basis of our (animal) instinct. owever, the logic part takes over somewhere, and these actions are then based on what we think is right or wrong. Simple enough.Right? Wrong.
You see, what happens is, apart from our own selves who want to do certain things, the logical part of humans starts off in overdrive. As a result even the simplest of things gather a large, complicated meaning with innumerable repurcussions. Every action will now mean something with respect to a 'larger' picture. If you yourself d nt think so, the society will. THings known as expectations arise, and the strive to fulfill them arises.

Thus arise boundaries. THe need for keeping things in sync with expecations of others because that is what can help you realisse your own expectations with ease...everyone needs help of the surrounding environment. its a convenient symbiosis.

So it can be said that complications in life are all because of external unecessary influences. The same reason why polygamy/andry is frowned upon usually. WHat would happen if they were acceptd? Well, considering the freedom to choose partener remains unchanged, or rather there is perfect scenario where you have complete freedom of choosing parteners, then power struggle not whitstanding, it would all depend upon consensus of the individuals to choose whom they want to live with. If live-ins are acceptable I guess the day is not far when multiple living partners wont be accepted. But then hat would bring in utter and total chaos. Everyone wants to be special and the 'one', so multiple parteners may not be as emotionally fulfilling to a human being as one paterner can be. There must be some people doing the same studt for live in relationships vs marriages even as i type, if not already done.

THen complications regarding working/not working, what kind of work...the same thing... it all starts with wanting freedom regarding choice. But then social norms/ conditioning kicks in. It may be that today a pizza delivery guy job is considered as respectable as any other job. However, it would be utter bullshit to say that the pizza delivery guy wouldnt rather be someone with a more stable job in a company no matter how stifling, afer a certain point in time, and that society will prefer to befreind the guy with a stable white collar job. Also, at an emotional level, when taing on the so-called responsibilities of the world, the guy with a white collar job would be surer, stabler, happier and more ready than the piza delivery guy.

So, is it realy all about notions developed by societal requirements? Are the emotional requirements cited in the two cases above a function of societal conditioning, or something deeper?
Is society and its rules just a reflection of what we actually would desire, if left alone? I suppose so. It is not for nothing that thousands of people would follow a certain regulation for generations, over the world if it was not mentally and physically satisfying. there may be cases of anomalies, but where are there none?

All said and done, however, it would be better to have the ability to choose. To be able to choose between polyandry and monoandry, to choose between being the pizza delivery man all life long and working with a stabler job.
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