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Break on through to the other side

Saw the movie the Doors yesterday. Well made, it captures the essence of Jim Morrison. You can associate his songs with him and the band...almost. Its a good movie. Amazing photography, devent enough direction. The movie is carefully made, tries to avoid conflict, and depicts scenes which could be objectionable in a smooth manner, which nless you are extrmeely sqeamish you will ignore.
However, the movie is more about Jim Morrisson, than about the band. It does not manage to depict the coming together of the band in details, nor as to how the music for Jims Poetry comes about. The story goes from showing JM as a hero, to trying to show him as dispassionate, self engrossed and death obsessed...all the while managing to make him a hero you would want to be. A man of irrefutable talent, The Doors music however dint come from his brain. His personality could have been emphasised on, and the nastier portions of his life have been brushed through.
I repeat again the movie stresses on Morrisson, and a definite feel good factor since you can hum along the songs in the background. THe rest of the band members - well you can finish the movie without knowing their names. That references of morrissons lyrics came from his band members sentences in some cases has been mentioend obliquely, you would almost miss it.

One thing you wouldnt miss is the skyline. and the Indian. Kilmers done an amazng job, managing to make you mistake him for the the real man.

All said and done though, its a movie to be watched. To enjoy, to flow along with no questions asked. Its tight enough, and keeps you entertained...as long as you have an idea of Jim the showman, and his ideosyncracies.

All rock band movies...or rather movies on singers show the same thing. The irrefutable talent, the lucky break, the fame and the drugs/alcohol. Broken family and fan followings. Even Almost Famous 'almost touches' on all this. Ah well.

So much for a post - its turned into a movie review!


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