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Management Students and established companies

In any company of any worthwhile pedigree you will find the long timers, the extreme long timers - those who have ben there with the company for more than 10 yrs. Call it dedication, loyalty whatever. THey have worked hard enough and are smart enough. Just that they never felt te need to strive to move towards the top, and the company never did so too.
Then you have another breed. The people near or at the top management level. They are also long timers - either in the company for a long time with a drive to move ahead to the top, or having shifted to a number of places and finally coming to the present place.

The rest of the mass is an indiscriminate pool of more or less talented, but mostly well trained in the groove people who have ben working for 5-8 years, in 2/3 companies. They know exactly what tey are doing, becase that is approximately all that they have ever done. In different measures, in different companies.

Where then, do the management talents (as I am calling them) fit in? They are the odd ones out. HAving come from outside the system they have an insight, yet being new, this may not be taken seriously. They are young, and with no prior experienc (or even one of 3/4 yrs) are bound to be not taken so seriously by the old timers.
Top management may well listen to them, afterall they are the ones who decided on hiring them. However, it is with a pinch of salt. With anticipation the crowd waits for them to shut up and settle down. Into the systems of the company. Outside their bright ideas. And basically get into the same routine of the system. Specialize in something and become a part of the indiscriminae lot, with a few more job changes and a little more drive.

10 years down the line ou will see these management students becoming the VPs of ther respective divisions in a certain company, and if they are true to themseleves, they will agree that their job is not much different from the guy who did the same thing 15 yrs ago with 15 yrs experience. All that they could manage is to reach that post in a shorter time. That they dont run the business any differently. That really, their being or not being there actually makes very little differnce - only a little inconvinience. And most of these guys dont want anything more than that. They dont want to be any different from the present crowd. Just a mor or less steady job in which they can til happily. They are needed. They are the new generation of the middle level. They plod on to the top. All credit though to them, they are the steady backbone of the company.

Then who is the top management? Family? Freinds? Mostly. However, there are few who rise there by simply using their insight. These are some people who switch from type of work to type of work. have a good insight,ainly because o the variation in all they do. they fight against all odds. They emerge winners, as in they do not reach a level of incompetence with muc ease. They move horizontally and vertically.
At a B school everyone is coached to become a part of the last category of men. however, Human beings being what they are, this remains still the minority it is.

So what has changed? Same type of people do the same type of jobs no matter what their backgroumnds. Technology notwithstanding, way of working remains the same. people fall into systems and then the system changes become only superficial. With all this hy[pe of education and specific education and training, there is not an iota of difference. Speed of things may have increased but eventually it is still the boss-subordinate team that drives all that is there in the company. It is still the person who is doing the work that becomes the decider of what he wants to do as a next step.
In their haste to endorse the latest, companies forget the importance of each of these special kinds of people. That the so called dead wood is not really dead. They were made dead by the companis fixatin on the flitty indiscriminate mid yr grp people...mostly.
Groups of people chasing their personal dreams, or jst cruising along looking a comfortable life with a little respect. That is all that most pople eventually look for. Comfortable may vary person to person, but the basics always remain the same. So where does the rest all really fit in?
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