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and again, for the second time in my two jobs i get informed by my boss that he would have preferred not iring a female, had told HR that specifically. Though reasons here are slightly different tey are still irritating, bugging and demeaning.
I mean WTF do u mean by that eitherway? apparently women cant stay back late.methinks me will leave early everyday justy to support that belief.
And also act ditzy.

ah..and what about wearing clothes like Bridget Jones?

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27th Sep, 2006 15:07 (UTC)
have every reason to be annoyed, rather stereotyped assumption by the bosses, uis definitely outdated and infuriating. i think they are going to hear from you pretty soon.
28th Sep, 2006 04:04 (UTC)
Re: you
stereotyped? Hello? Why did you recruit me if you had reservations? There were enough men around. If you think no one was better than me to fill the post, you better also believe I am good enough in all respects. and stereotyping does not fit in here.
27th Sep, 2006 16:03 (UTC)
i have a boss who says all womenfolk to go home.. its raining heavily.. beat that..

chauvinists are everywhere
28th Sep, 2006 04:06 (UTC)
oh in my previous company the admin dept used to issue a circular saying the same.
And they initially wanted me to leave office by 930 pm latest even if i wanted to work, because they did not want to be responsible for women staying late..in any respect.

dont recruit of you cant respect is what i say.
worst are those women who want this behavior from men. Believe me, there are many.
28th Sep, 2006 02:49 (UTC)
If this were the US, you could file for sexual discrimination at the workplace, win the lawsuit and retire!
28th Sep, 2006 04:08 (UTC)
Re: Ah...
seriously! u make it sound so good, i feel like im missing out on something :)
not to mention the lawsuit ill win because he wants me to work extra hours without pay!
28th Sep, 2006 09:25 (UTC)
Re: Ah...
i dare say you should look at the flip side of this, you are in a minority when you say you want to work late and not be bothered about, however the majority wants to return before it gets late, and be accorded special status as women, as employers thats why we have to organize a drop if it gets late for our employees and we get criticized by their family if we fail to do so, and get pulled up for endangering their lives.
Further you cannot hope to win a case against harassment even in the US on the chosen grounds.
However i reiterate that the remarks are out of place in the present world, but unfortunately are not actionable.
28th Sep, 2006 20:08 (UTC)
chauvinism speaks
so thats the hurry.. projecting ur past experience equal opportunity employer is an ideal condition n it doesnt exist.. generalization would be wrong.. but in majority minority principal it would be so.. the fairer sex talks about equality but then enjoy discounts at evry twist n turns of life... yup they have certain limitations n so do us... leading to what u call the theory of distribution of work... law of nature.. and further going back Darwins origin of species..

am trying to imagine a reverse situation.. Gosh! i fully empathise..
this is terribly WRONG!

29th Sep, 2006 03:47 (UTC)
Re: chauvinism speaks
Pls identify yourself
29th Sep, 2006 17:52 (UTC)
Re: chauvinism speaks
oi.. its patric here... remember?
30th Sep, 2006 05:04 (UTC)
Re: chauvinism speaks
yeah patric my a@# :) at least u could have thought of a name that does not begin with P ... and using my trick on me??tch tch!
to reply to ur comment. well its a vicious cycle. because of differentiation the 'fairer sex' will use whatever advantage comes its way. IT is like occupying the ladies' seats in a bus.

What I would like to mention to sashdude also is that its not about wanting/ not wanting to work late. Its about presumption. If you are ready to employ me, you should be ready to accept certain things. Yes, you ahve to arrange for night travel, (ull have to do it for men also someday) but the point is, ask whether the person wants it or not. Ask if staying back is fine or not.
In the first place you are asking someoen to work past the official working hours. Its a different matter that usually ppl dont complain/ mind it. You eitherway need to provide extra benefits for that - many companies offer dinner etc. Women may need a drop home - hey its not their fault or choice if 12 in the night is not safe. That does not mean they will stop working... if you cant handle it, dont employ.
but the basic requirement in such a scenario is - ask. Poitely ask, during interview or even after joining. do not assume certain things like this - its personal prefernce, and heaven knows i know enough men who run home at 6pm on the dot becase they want to be home. They never stay back. Its a onder they are not asked or black marked because they dont stay back.

All im saying is, its all a matter of asking the convinience and not presuming it. YOu dont even know the person to base your presumption on.
29th Sep, 2006 04:30 (UTC)
Fortunately, have not faced this issue at my current workplace. We have women in sr and upper middle mgmt..
now as for ur boss..who is an absolutely #$@$^%#%^&**)^#$@%@# .. he deserves much more than your leaving early. Let's plot something against him :D Life mein excitement?
And yes....dont worry JM, he'll soon realise that he lives in stone age!
Btw, pls remove the duplicate copy of the post.
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