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Gah again

Yeah the song playing is exactly my emotion. and its playin on speakers, loud enough. I dont care if ppl listen. At least I removed my desktop with a beautiful "FUCK" message on it.
Feels like a bitch. Make it a Dog. A Filthy Rabid Dog.

I mean WTBF?! Its a holiday all over India. Its the last day of Pujas/Navratri/Dussehra...whatever. Its Gandhi Jayanti. Its a bloody national holiday.
and Im in office. working.
Not had a decent weeks sleep last week, with the daily count being less than 4 hrs, and I managed by keping the silver lining of todays (expected) hol in mind. only for the myth to be shattered at 7pm, Saturday evening by a sarcastic boss. Gee great.
[OK so u can say that it was my choice about sleepin early, but then I expected a hol today to relax, and dint really mind the late nights so much. But now 6 very unforgiving days ahead and a boss who expects things to be done before they happen are not something i can take. Also something i cant take is a holiday]

samurai swords adorn my desktop, and woe be to anyone who crosses my path. well i hope. In old company i would have committed a few nonchalant murders. however, here its a new story.
Forgot my phone charger at home, and the phones beping away to glory about its hunger levels...feed me! feed me! says it...while i keep getting happy dussera messages and phone calls.
A day like this does wonders for ones (plummeting) motivation levels.

Got my leave sanctioned for Diwali at least. GOt tickets and going home. As of now.

PS - not really sorry if i bored u guys. I need to vent out somewhere. and 'everywhere' seems like a good idea to me right now.

PPS - chewing gum on shoe is like the cherry on icing of a lovely delicious cake.


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14th Oct, 2006 20:46 (UTC)
wooh! so much of fury for that.. "even GOD will be cut if he comes ur way".. hmm i have made up my mind.. next company 5 working days only... no compromise...
26th Oct, 2006 06:14 (UTC)
itll really help if you sign off
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