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So, now that I am sitting in office, totally unable to concentrate, having had useless one liner conversations on phone with people calling n wishing, and enduring their aghast exclamations at today being an official working day, and thereby completely losing any urge whatsoever to d anything worth a biscuit crumb, I thought Ill read my frnds page, and typed the url in google search.

So I ended up looking up refereces of dippyblogs over the net in different combinations. And to my dismay, but no surprise, I d not feature in the search of 'dippy blogs' even till page 18, where igav up even cursorily looking up.
A search in Urban Dictionary for 'Dippy' threw up meanings like "

Dippy means to be a complete stupid fucking dumbass, plain and simple.

The busdriver is really dippy


A joint dipped in formaldehyde

Smokin' a dippy

Ah well.
I give up. my blog names decided ;)

And now for LUNCH. ITs pretty early at this place, but I dont mind. Not now.
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