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of accents and plants

It can get bugging, but its kinda interesing to note the pronounciations and spellings of simple english/hindi words in gujju land. I faced lesser of it in my prev orgn, maybe bec i was not in touch withthe regular working crowd there.
however, being told of "Zedblu" was confusing...till i fathomed they were talking of a majorly advertised abad based mens clothing store "jade blue"
and that the "media presentation" was actually "mid yr presentation"
in text "estemeted" is "estimated" is OK, but spelling errors (consistent ones) in molecule names is plain bugging.

By the way, heres something i had written down on my way back from the plant on 5th.
Took some rather cool snaps on the way there, will upload on flikr when i have time so u can see it. right from momma goats to narrow gauge steam engines to sunsets and bridges. also got some rather cool cloud snaps from sunday morning. if only there were no electricity wires to mar the view. but they say imperfection makes things prettier.
So i went to the plant today. At the industrial dev location of a small city between guj n mum. Shabby. Wonder how it passed any inspection. Ever. Maybe all api plants look like this? Anyway. So earlier it had been suggested that i go w someone as way of intro. However things fell such that my first visit became self introductory. Sometime mid day i realised what was unnerving. There were groups of nonchalant men wherever i went. Some openly staring. U see, apart from the receptionist, i was the only female around not to mention the only one on the plant shop floor, all over the 10units. Gah. Its so disgusting. Even the other day i was upto here w the stareanosaurus syndrome. Even if they have a perfectly awesome babe w them (not that it gives them a reason) they wil stare. Whats with men anyway? Women rarely stare. Even if they do, its not so obvious. Its like its a basic instinct and unavoidable compulsion for men! So anyway. Ended my official plant visit, ultra-fake-courtesy and staring day. Now on train back to abad.

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14th Oct, 2006 11:15 (UTC)
so thats what u were doing taht day when someone was epecting atleast a call from you...
26th Oct, 2006 06:16 (UTC)
Im really soory yaar... thought the D day was around 16th
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