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So today I leave for Calcutta. At last! and im already dreading the day I wil be back. Holidays have this tendency to fly past...to use cliches.
1pm max and i want to be out of office.
The BB (Bastard Boss) will definitely have some useless barbed sentences and sigh and talk about work to be done which he cannot give me now...just like last night.
meanwhile it is all I can do to not dream of the sleep I should be getting once i get home. uninterrrupted night sleep. Funny how sleep becomes of prme importance for vacations...apart from home made food. Even thogh its not hostel anymore, it is definitely food and sleep. We all come back to our basic animal level needs after a while.
What am I doing blogging a few hours before leaving? Well, awaiting my boss' pleasure before I go ahead with some tasks. ah well...
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