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I like Diwali, it is a beautiful festival Not merely the festical of lights, it means different things to people in different parts of India..right from the time Lord Ram came home, to New Year, to the time to worship Goddess Kali, the Godess of destruction. The darkest night of the year is celebrated with aplomb.
darkest night also means the best tme to showcase firecrackers and Hoo boy are there many! I like firecrackers. they are fun. They are beautiful. They are amazing. I enjoy bursting all kinds. The ones that look lovely, that make horrible sounds, that look ugly, that make lots of smoke, that just burn with many colours. I love the smell of Diwali. All the sulphur in the air, the smoke is great too.
However, everything has its limits. Some parts of India, the festivities start weeks in advance and go on further. The single (or at max double) day celebrations have got exaggerated into a public menace. Sound polliution, air pollution. The Smoke literally gets in your eyes. Why wouldnt people have allergies? strong doses such as these of polluted air everywhere.
Loud firecrackers all through the night. A few hours is fun, a few more is OK. A nightfull can get on your nerves, and weeks of it...well, I can stop right at a few more hours because thats when the headaches start. For some, it is not Diwali unless it is noisy. My sincere advice to them, try a Diwali with more restricted noise. Noise is fun, light is fun, smoke is fun. Lights can go on all night., smoke..well, initially (historically) it was to drive away the unwanted insects, now it seems to drive away (wanted and unwanted) humans. And the noise..ah well, I guess it is asking for too much if I ask for people to burst crackers only in a specified time. I guesss i t is asking too much from the Indian govt to have a designated spot allocated to bursting of (noisy) crackers.
But then what am i complaining about? These are things I genuinely enjoy. Just like a random noisy party at a neighnours place, it is something that can be avoided, right? Well, it seems its a little more difficult than that. Neighbours can be asked to shut up, and, their noises are at least continuous, and not irregular blasts of varying intensities.
So, tough I love the lights, the sights, the smells, as usual, i give up on the sounds. The smoke may make my eyes water and the smells may make me sneeze, but the headache from the sounds...I really cannot pardon anyone right now for that!It may be once a year, but I remember getting jittery over the sound of falling vessels after two weeks of sound bombardment in Ahmedbad, and Im sure Im not the only one. I may be a minority, but its damaging everyones ears, though they may not realise it.

PS - Kolkata govt had banned noisy crackers, just as mikes post a certain hour. Initially I didnt get the point, but now I do. The mike rule is followed, but this is my first Diwali in cal after 3 years,...and I see the crackers are back, not in full swing, but big enough...unlike 3 yrs ago. And that too, intensity is stronger post 11pm. Just the time when the cops give up on patrolling I guess. Perhaps I should simply rent a soundproof room for Navratri in Gujarat and Diwali anywhere in India. yes, I want to have the cake, and eat it too.

PPS- this really sounds like a crib post. Well, it is.

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