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Nemesis and affinity problems

The internets been acting crazy. My affinity for it seems to make it averse to me. Inversely proportionate, South and North poles of a magnet. In calcutta for one, the computer simply does not like me. I have not spent a single whole day on my home comp without an issue. This time, the broadband refused to connect by link. BSNL zindabad!
So yesterday I came to office at least thinking Ill be able to check some mail. (Went to a cafe in cal, but too much trouble). And guess what? Theres a problem with the office broadband, including today. SO you can connect to the net for precisely the amount of time it takes for the page to be searched. as soon as the status bar goes "connected to xyz" the net disconnects. Darn frustrating.
Apparently it should get resolved by today, in an hour from Now. Lets see.

So yesterday I met my ex-semi-boss in the same company. He has joined a new spin off / JV as CEO. Good for him. For the time being he sits in the same building, a floor below me. Ah, Nemesises. At least Im not reporting to him now again!

Its true. What you avoid always comes back in double/triple measure. I have seen that through my life. So I guess the best part is to face it to a reasonable degree.
Arithmetic. I hated it. No probs with Algebra, Geometry or anything. But the thought of calculating exactly how many days that slippery snail would take to climb the useless well or how slow a slow clock would be if it loses 5 mins everyday simply got my goat. I avoided it in class 6. From class 7 it was a compulsary separate paper. 100 marks, no kidding.
I did not like sums in phyiscs (friction and pulling-load problems anyone?) in grade10. I dint mind the concept, I liked and understood it. But dint get it as to why I should be solving by unitary method the frictoin encountered by a load of 10 tonnes when moving with a certan velocity. It comprised of a total of 50 marks in my class 12.
I managed to enjoy organic chemistry, but never managed to crack the exams for some reason. In my graduation, there was a whole darned paper on it!
Botany, my honours paper, I liked it all. Except nomenclature. It was 2 whole papers. 200 marks. Well, I managed well enough, finally.
And then, in MBA I
hated accounts. Guess what my first assignement on my first job was? Making the P&L and checking the balance sheets for errors for different territories, with reasoning, and reallocation where possible, for the half year of operations.
I could go on.

Its good in a way. Makes you learn what you avoid learning. And learn it well. However, I guess it is simpler to just try and do something the first time around. So, I dint avoid the stupid boss in my initial time in my last company. But 2 yrs is a long time, and I forgot. I ran from one evil to a bigger one, multiplied manifold.
Well at least it has given me an appreciation of my last boss!

Voltaire aptly said..whatever happens, happens for the good, as long as you work for it.

So P gave me a belated bday gift. HOo boy is it late. Considering my bday was in early August, and it is late October now. However, it all goes pale when I remember that I forgot his bday. So what did he give? A fish in a fishbowl. Not a goldfish. Its a tropical guppy, of a brilliant blue with tips of red, replete with its own fern decorations and blue chip stones. Only problem, P broke the bowl while fixing it up at my place. Its a long history. Where do I begin.

  • I thought of getting a goldfish for myself. Another of my passing fancies.
  • I forgot the whole thing.
  • P liked the idea and decided to buy one for my bday.
  • P hunted shops, but they were all out of stock
  • Finally P managed this tropical guppy and not a goldfish, but there were no bowls in the shop
  • P managed to get the whole thing to his house, finally
  • I started my house shifting, so P decided to give it to me after I moved in to a new place
  • I went home to Cal for a 10 day break. P couldnt have given a fish to an empty house without it being fed or anything.
  • The day I came back, P comes home to give it to me. Finally, he thinks...
  • Till P tries filling the bowl with water and makes a neat hole at the bottom while putting it down.

    Next step, waiting for the aquarium guy to get a bowl which can be bought and placed at my place. Till then, a glass bowl to keep food acts as the resting place at my house.
    Woh machli bhi kya yaad karegi uske peeche bechare P ne kitne patthar tode. Aur maine kitna intezaar kiya ;)

    So its time for an all encompassing motherhood statement: The more you want something, the more difficult it becomes to get it.

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    ( 6 comments — Leave a comment )
    26th Oct, 2006 09:39 (UTC)
    i once
    gifted my friend a fish and a bowl and a few days later the fish grew too large for its bowl, my friend finally took it out and placed it in their office pond :). Are you sure its a guppy? what if it turns into a large catfish or so :P
    26th Oct, 2006 10:20 (UTC)
    Re: i once
    didnt mean catfish, any big fish.
    btw is this it?

    26th Oct, 2006 10:59 (UTC)
    Re: i once
    ur rather close. mines got a black body though now.
    dont wory, the bowls prety big, and it barely eats so will not grow big enough for a pond anywhere in near future as i see it.
    2nd Nov, 2006 05:54 (UTC)
    The more you avoid something..the more it comes to u.
    The most glaring example is the prsence of crying, wailing kids all around me whenever I travel :(

    And I have also always wanted a goldfish.. I think I mentioned it to you once. Have not taken one till now because of "settlement issues".. hope to have an aquarium when I finally have a house which is not a hostel!

    12th Dec, 2008 08:00 (UTC)
    Hey! Thats exactly what I believe.... I believe that what you hate will comeback to you. You will go through the same situations again and again till you solve it. Have you noticed how we spend more time on what we hate, it takes us over, becomes another entity inside till we kill it...

    Hate, fear, dont know which or what but life will send them back to you till you fight them and win. I used to think its the meanness in life but now I feel thats rather sweet - what better way of building your confidence.
    12th Dec, 2008 08:35 (UTC)
    absolutely. whatever you avoid like the plague always comes back. its a way life tests you. i think its a way our subconscious makes us do things.
    its about completing a set of activities whether you like them or not. so if you pass something on in the first go, it will come back to make sure you finish it.
    ( 6 comments — Leave a comment )

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