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I think my swordtail guppy (thats what I think it is at least) will die.
It does not even nibble at its meal, and apparently does not eat anything else.
It does not have a home. Its place is constantly shifted, now lying in a serving glass bowl of OK depth,but still, its a serving bowl! Must be eyeing me with suspicion every time I arrive in fear Ill eat it up. Someone tell it, Its too small to be cooked and eaten!

Nevermind. On its death I will get a successor to fill its place. This time itll be a Pirannah. Or at least a shark. Two fighters in one fish bowl will be awesome...perhaps they will make the water splash out too? I wonder :)

Another reason to keep windows cloed and not allow pigeons inside - they had destroyed my plants earlier, last thing I want them to d is act like a crow and fish out the guppy. You can never be too careful with Ahmebabad pigeons. They are unafraid of humans, remember?

Tags: daily, guppy times

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