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I suppose its been ages since i last wrote anything here...since my last mad (as per ppl) blog ...but I dont mind it. Do i require a leave Rex? Well I wish my company thought so!
Life has achieved the monotonous colors of a black and white picture, and even though there are painters everywhere trying to drench me in colors its as though ive developed a plastic sheath and the colours just run off in a while.
Christmas everywhere and New year round the corner do nothing to alleviate my spirits.
Not that Im actually as sad as all this sounds, but definitely lacking the usual gung-ho. Can too much PG Wodehouse do this to u? not even a few chapters of PGW could elicit a smile. Now that is something that alarms me. On closer observation I realised what was amiss were the muscles of my face. They are tired with all the smiling. what smiling? the fake smiles I had to put up at some of the obnoxious doctors' chambers for the sake of this company.
and now at my desk, I await my pleasure. For my pleasure does not come easy. It comes when work is pretty improbable. One does not remember while being moody that perhaps companies in other parts of the world may be enjoying their christmas holidays, and not be working, unlike us stupid oafs who are out there to please all by working through our own festivals like Diwali and Navratri, in Gujarat, and many such others, while these countries give leave amounting to upto even a month!
Ya Rex, maybe I do need a leave. but to do what? Well, am in a wierd mood, the reason i dint want to blog for the past few days. and maybe i should desist. :) not that i really wanted to, but it was something i could do while not wanting to work.
Now with tomorrow and day after at home with nothing to do, im really at a loss. But I know before I know it the days will be over and I will be again waking up to a gloomy Monday, with nothing to look forward to...perhaps.
and then i think, before i continue this drivel, it is best that I sign off. Maybe I shouldnt post this? Maybe I can blame it to PMS? Maybe I can blame it my new resolve of not spending money? :D
A Walk is all that it needs!

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