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(Human) Life

We all human start off with life acting like a playful puppy. Yup, we are all equivalent to dogs. Why? Because humans are born as dependant beings, and dont change that status for the rest of their lives.
Life starts off decently enough. It is a healthy puppy but then you learn more and more. Soon you contract rabies. There are so many other diseases you contract..and of course there could be the possibility of tics. But rabies is the first and most dangerous one that we all contract. Somewhere in our teens we get infected. Soon we cannot care enough to take care of ourselves. We get tics, and also become filthy.

Whoever said Lifes a Bitch obviously started off on the right track, but dint think it through. Dogs are more plentiful and trouble causing in the end, they bark more for one.

Life actually, is a Dog. A Rabid, Filthy Dog.

We go through life like that - infected and dirty, and couldnt care less. We spread the infection, biting infants and teens, and spreading the word that filth is good. We spread the belief that thats how its all supposed to be, and healthy dogs are either a fantasy, or freaks.

Just when you think you cannot get worse than this, it gets worse. thats a new disease that attacks. Like I said, things start becoming really bad for humans when they are in teens. Thats the time suddenly 'career' and 'future' start reappearing in conversations. Thats the rabies. It stays with you for the rest of your life.

Then of course things start getting messy. You get into the shit, and continue to get filthy. The default of earning and managing to stay alive, somehow. Who is immune to that?

Life starts off as a healthy pup, but soon enough, it acts like it always has. As a rabid, filthy, Dog.

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27th Oct, 2006 11:32 (UTC)
Nah. Life's a bitch...
...and then it has puppies.
27th Oct, 2006 12:04 (UTC)
Re: Nah. Life's a bitch...
oh yeah? One dog can make many more puppies than a single bitch. capiche?
30th Oct, 2006 05:53 (UTC)
bow wow
to you!, if only somebody cleaned up our lives and gave us a shot of anti-rabies and dusted the fleas and ticks off it, maybe it wouldnt be so bad after all!, but i guess by the time someone does that it would have had puppies galore :).. hmmm..
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