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We laugh at jokes we would never have smiled to earlier.
We butter people while they know you are trying to butter them to get a job done.
We have superstitions and legacies attached to seats and locations on the floor.
No matter how hard abusing yuou are, for all practical purposes you are an innocent damsel who never heard of any swear words, and doesnt know anything..and of course boos at smoking and drinking. But when work is concerned, should be hard, go getting, ruthless, and totally in sync (if not more than male counterparts).

Of course, if she is all this, she is a bitch.
If she occassionally swears, or claims she drinks, she is 'fast', or avoidable
and If she simply does not fall under above category, she is a nonentity who will get married and leave the job eventually.

Tags: daily. living, work

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