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To my readers

On many occasions some of my blog readers (read sashdude, rexzilla and on occasion - esp mails- rexjournal) have told me about my constant misspellings in my posts.

Well, I can blame it on the keyboard, which has to be pressed real hard for some of the alphabets, but then that would be a lame excuse. (Because it wasnt true in my prev comp)

What I can say is that I am in a hurry. I need to get the ideas off my head before my mind moves on to other things. Before I start off on another tangent line of thought, I try to translate my present thoughts into words onto a comp, and at that time it does not matter if it is a 'the' or a 'teh'.

And then of course is the fact that I am sitting in office, and the last thing I would want to do is spend time posting and making sure the content is reader-easy. It is more about getting a thought/idea off my head between work (sometimes between many bits of work).

However, what again can be said is, I am careless, I couldnt care less. To check and double check go against my principle in life, and once done, it is more than enough I have delivered...let someone else do the checking...and if you want to read my posts, they come in a package - with spell errors.

What I can say in defense of the last one is... I have had enough checking every bit and piece during my work... last thing I want to do is do the same for my blog, my recreation!

Anyway, so all said and done, the fact is I have spell errors on my post, making them an interesting and challenging read for most of my audience... you have to use your heads and figure out "taing" is actually "taking" and that "vry" in that context is "every".

I would like to believe I put you through a small personal development program as you read my blog. I am extremely considerate, and like to develop my frnds' intellect. By sharing my thoughts, and by giving them small challenges, such as stated above.

Now aint I great! **beam**

PS - my guppy ate! Actually finished  the food in the bowl by the time I reached yesterday.
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