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Gujju parlance

PPl here in this office use typical gujju parlance. Like we say "Dude!" for that derogatory "you dont know anything" pronoun, they say "sarcar", "seth", and more often, "saheb mara" (my (dear) sir).

Like we say 'buddy' and 'yaar' and some say 'man', at the end of a sentence like "Cmon buddy." in the "oh -its-enought-dont-talk-rubbish" and "i know better" tone, they say "Raja".

So the words that float around are
"sarcar! Tame aapsho na" (Dude! pls send it over)
"Aisa na hoy raja" (Thats not how it hapens, buddy)
"saheb mara! kyan chho tame?" (Dude! Where are you (nowadays))

Almost every sentence ends in raja and is punctuated by ah, hallo.., (trying to keo attention) by most ppl, leaving me humming the Tagore song for apparently no reason. Certainly no literal connection.

Aamra shobai Raja
amader ei Rajar Rajotte
        - Tasher Desh (
the play)

[We're all Kings
In this kingdom of kings
       - The Country of Cards - a play on democracy]

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