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Why do trousers need to have zippers?

After Eons of evolution, man still wears trousers. With zippers in front.
That is the standard form of trousers im sure everyone will agree.

After Years of wearing only trousers, (wo)men still forget to zip up.
Doesnt that say something about the sturdiness of the model?

Why is that everything evolved. Right from making cloths to ways to secure cloth (velcro, hooks, buttons, zippers), yet the types of clothes have remained more or less the same. Sure the earlier pantaloons were skin tight, but they still were the same thing. Essentially. And yet, the basic format of trousers remains the same.

I think it has happened to every man to have worn this garment that he has walked at least a few meters in the precence of well dressed (i mean fully dressed) company with his zipper unzipped. A cause of enough embarassment. I know of quite a few men havng walked through a day (or half) in this position. And,...it is particularly out of place for a woman to point it out, unless she knows him well.

I wonder if the advantages so outweigh these outside chances? hmm. I will not think. (And I am not thinking)

PS - no. there is no one in office wandering around with an open fly. this was just a memory flash.


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