DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

observation and sudden revelation

You know why fathers are protective of daughters usually? becauase they know how men talk.

Unfortunately for them, they get to know about it when they cant do anything about it.

A consultant (woman) comes to meet one of the bosses. The whole department takes note of how she looks.
Per se, an average looking woman in her late 20s dressed in regulation black suit (including coat, poor thing)
One guy (father of a 2yr old) remarks - "shes good eh?" to another, just behind me. There are only two of them, and he other guy gets a bit uncomfortable after a millisecond of interest.

Not because Im there. They dont know I heard em. But, I realise, because he has a teenage daughter.
But then, he cant change anything. Can he?
Tags: daily

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