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the next question

Society. It is always ready with a question. The moment an individual reaches a certain point in his/her life, they come into the loop.

In India of course, the time  is somewhere between class 8 to 10. It goes something like this -
Class 8-10: So, what do you plan to take up? Arts, Science, Commerce?
you dutifully answer to the kind uncle, knowing nothing of course of the implications of the choices.
You pass class 10
Class 12: Youre studying science? Oh great. SO you wwill be taking up Engineering or do you plan to be a doctor? *beam*
You try to explain that you dont want to be either, while you apply for both joint entrance exams...parents you see.
You join a college with a science subject for the bachelors degree
College: Oh! Doing B.Sc. eh? What do you plan to do next? IAS? Professor? Research? Or do you plan to give the 'Joint' (entrance exam) again? *Of course nowadays you can add the "MBA" to the question*
Err, um..you explain something.
Then of course, you graduate, and get into a field.

You do MBA, you get a job. Your freinds of course are not happy.
Dont you plan to move? How long will you work there?
So you quit, and get another suppsedly better job.
Still people continue, not just at home and social cirles, but also in office
When do you plan to get married :)?? Arent your parents looking? Or is there someone in your life :)
Of course. everyone is dying to get married you almost tell them. You got marred and died, so others should too right?
And isnt it concievale to like, not have a BF/GF?

Finally the poor person succombs. S/he gets married. Finally they think. But no, they are wrong.
Oh, how long are you married?
Ah, no kids yet? Of course nowadays they dont prefer to have children,...
Dutifully the standard couple has a child.

Soon the clamour arises again ... Only one child?

You stand up and say. OK! enough!!

but its already too late.
You are caught in the trap.

After children the rat race becomes different. The questions (I guess) become focused on the kids.

by then you give up. You want your sweet and hard earned revenge.

You start asking questions.

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3rd Nov, 2006 07:04 (UTC)
as revenge
my first question would be, you are getting old, isnt it time you died? Muahahahaha...
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