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working, reading,

once you spend the majority of your time in a pharma company, reading up about more and more new drugs and the indications, trying to find out whats new, how it gelps and what its possible future is in the market, you tend to become, as some people say, a pseudo doc. Now what they dont realise is, we tend to sit in front of the monitor trying to filter information on a drug, finding is original source and possible price in a priceless market. Something like finding the name and address of the person who actually found America, while everyone says it was Columbus.
Now what happens while you are searching on the net? u digress. you find information on anything and everything at your fingertips (literally) and for your asking. you find yourself in the middle of an interesting medicine discovery which has nothing to do with your work, but which you cannot help but read. and read more. and more. then you think 'what the HELL am I doing?' and you think, what the poor person undergoing this disease must be going through. then you see the symptoms in yourself. (To those who think that mirroring the symptoms of a chronic disease is tough, I will refer you to the beginning chapter of "Three Men in a Boat (and a Dog)" by Jerome K Jerome. The poor man thought he suffered from everything except a housemaids knee because of a book he read.)
Actually if one goes through such information, you feel perplexed and mabe even depressed. On one side you will have the companies and the regulatory authorities going on about how beneficial and great the product is, only to find the numerous sites of users and their parents warning against the very same drug. You are compelled to think that one is lying. But then maybe it is just a case like any other. Only when you are dissatisfied that you raise a hue and cry. You get to know of the succesfull cases only when you read the pharma compnaies review. But then according to the people out there, it is just a sham, and no one really got cured.
In the end, it does not really matter. It is a symbiotic relationship, and one is necessary for the other. It is like any other cycle and any other pyramid. One gives rise to the other. We continue with our work, and think, if this is what it takes to keep the economy running, so be it. If ppl are supposed to fall ill to make me some money, so be it.

Some links to exemplify what Im saying, if only indicatively: www.prozac.com, http://www.sntp.net/prozac/wesbecker.htm

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