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Fishy update!

So yesterday finally P managed to bring home a fish bowl. MEdium sized, its big enough for the guppy (a catfish he discovered). So now the lil thing is happy in its new home, replete with green plants and blue shore stones which reflect off te glossy surface of the blue -black fish.
Quite excited at the new found room to move around, fishy there didnt seem perturbed in the least to be transferred unlike the previous occassions.

Sometime you wnder how different their environment and what thoughts must cruise through so small a brain. Land animals there are a-plenty. They all breathe air, and eat food, drink water. Here is an animal which lives n something we can die in - water. You can never really touch it. You cannot fathom its living style. A totally different world. A different ecosystem, even though that sounds like trivialising the difference.

The distance no matter how close. You dont know how a fish percieves sound waves. Light is probabbly the only thing in common. Though it may depend on you to change its water, give it food, anf frnds, you can never really understand it.

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6th Nov, 2006 03:06 (UTC)
Aren't guppies different from catfish? The latter have whiskers and can be seen preening themselves among the weeds, running away from dogfish and have great night vision! :D
(Okay, but they DO have whiskers)

And fish receive sound via a sort of chamber within their skulls-sound travels better under water than through air.
How it perceives it..well I dunno.

You reminded me of this scene from a Jackie Chan movie, where he suddenly startles a goldfish and it jumps out of the bowl in fright..then he tries to perform CPR on it...and just then his girlfriend's dad walks in and thinks he's trying to eat it.

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