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encounters of the Drastic kind

General Anasthesia is fine, but local can give the jitters (Side: Doesnt anasthesia sound like Anastasia?)
Extra time to think is also bad.

So what happened?
bravely I went to the dentist after making provisional arrangements for incapability of ingestion on saturday.
However, the denist was still occupied with the previous patient.
I had time to spare. In a dentists office.
With photographs of teeth all around.
My mind wandered, within bounds of available information.

Interpretation: I started rememebering all the details on tooth extraction from web pages visited 6 months ago.
And by the time I entered the docs cabin, I was wondering about alternatives.
A thorough examination y dentis ensued, and halting conversation from my side.
The syringe entered my mouth. And I said stop.

So I walked away thoroughy embarassed and with all teeth still in place. Just the edges blunted, a temporary measure...which I will make do with. I am sure.

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20th Nov, 2006 13:24 (UTC)
Should you change your mind and decide to get them pulled, don't worry about it too much. It's kinda uncomfortable while it happens, and sure you'll be a bit sore afterwards, but it's not really that bad. I had all 4 pulled, and was awake for it (usually, so I'm told, they do general anasthesia). I myself am super-sensitive about teeth; I can watch a movie splattered with gore and not care much, but even a cartoon of a tooth being comically pulled and I clutch my jaw in empathy. But I got over my issue long enough to get mine removed. Once you do that, it's pretty smooth sailing. (Plus, there's usually all kinds of ice cream or jello to look forward to afterwards!)
21st Nov, 2006 08:56 (UTC)
well that really reassures. its more about the hype surrounding the whole thing...i think ill get it done soon enough. thanks
20th Nov, 2006 16:14 (UTC)
not to worry
if the remedy can work for now, fine but when you do decide to get it done, at home maybe you neednt worry, the anesthesia is so quick you will not feel the prick of the syringe no matter how scary the needle looks, close your eyes, and the rest of it you will be in a dreamy state. Singing if not dancing.. :)
21st Nov, 2006 08:59 (UTC)
Re: not to worry
yeah :) i know. its all a matter of not geting time to think before the thingy
21st Nov, 2006 03:00 (UTC)
But why...
..did you chicken out?? O___o
Get it done with...I can't even describe the obscene sense of relief you get when it's all over!
21st Nov, 2006 09:16 (UTC)
Re: But why...
yeah i chickened out. thats y i was embarassed
obscene sense of relief sounds good. anything obscene sounds good :)
21st Nov, 2006 10:27 (UTC)
Re: But why...
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