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encounters of the Drastic kind

General Anasthesia is fine, but local can give the jitters (Side: Doesnt anasthesia sound like Anastasia?)
Extra time to think is also bad.

So what happened?
bravely I went to the dentist after making provisional arrangements for incapability of ingestion on saturday.
However, the denist was still occupied with the previous patient.
I had time to spare. In a dentists office.
With photographs of teeth all around.
My mind wandered, within bounds of available information.

Interpretation: I started rememebering all the details on tooth extraction from web pages visited 6 months ago.
And by the time I entered the docs cabin, I was wondering about alternatives.
A thorough examination y dentis ensued, and halting conversation from my side.
The syringe entered my mouth. And I said stop.

So I walked away thoroughy embarassed and with all teeth still in place. Just the edges blunted, a temporary measure...which I will make do with. I am sure.

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