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The Song

Its  nice song, and really sung well. However, everytime i hear it, I remember Icarus. As a result of which I remember this prose we had in school on this guy who gets the story of Icarus tattoed on his back...and his sad story thereafter.
All this happens in a milli-sec of hearing this song.

I like this song, it has a freshness to it no matter how old. Very basic, and perhaps the cause is the heartfelt rendition. Perhaps thats why I associate it with the above facts.
Toota-2 ek parinda - somehow in its context always makes me think of humans in conjunction to the literal meaning of the words, and therefore Icarus, and the most stunning heartflt story of Icarus to me was not the story itself, but the short story of my course in class 11 or so.

Intersting to note how the mind works.


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22nd Nov, 2006 13:30 (UTC)
is that
the kailash kher song, guy has a great voice, never paid attention to the lyrics, so cant comment on icarus, though the legend of icarus is a bit sad, i believe theres a hindu mythology parallel to icarus, will find out and tell ya.
23rd Nov, 2006 06:22 (UTC)
Re: is that
u mean to say u have not 'heard' the single most reolutionary song of modern day hindi music? this was the song that signalled the green flag to rustic tunes and whetted the appetite for rabbi et al
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