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The Shiny red O

Recently I got sick of the speed of my comp. So i decided to cut down on some programs...and of all the things that could be managed, Firefox and Winamp ae definitely the only applications I can do without - oters being work files (upto 12 excel sheets and lotus and some other Moffice app at any point)
Now both these programs are something that run all day long on my comp. yes, winamp may be paused or stopped on ocassion, but rarely is firefox and my mail site therein given a break. So, it was time for an update I decided.
Change being the only constant, it was time to change my browser. So I tried Opera. Goodwill of the IT deptt permitting i was able to download the browser setup, and since then have gladly been using it.

A refreshing change from Firefox, it is more spcious to look at, to say the least. My greatest fear - learning new shortcuts - was laid at rest. It is mostly like Firefox, and somewhat like Maxthon. Simply put, its easy to use. The new face gives a refreshing look, and it definitely is lighter than Mozzi.
I dint even have to import my favourites list - it did so automatically, and if I had a separate mouse, Id have loved to try out the in-built mouse gestures.
The most striking difference is what you see when the window is minimised. In firefox I never liked the confused convoluted dragon-like/ fireball-like symbol. Here, a simple bright red "O" with light shining off it is not only simple and clean, its also energising. The shadow behind it gives it an air of solidity without overcrowding the eye. It gives the idea of a light ribbon... of a light program, while at the same time something metallic and futuristic.

As of now, Im enjoying the Opera experience (two days old). The pages look better on it, the buttons on webpages are given a definition which is very different from the bareness in Firefox and the no-fuss of IE. They look cleaner, and at the same time better defined (slight shadows and 3-d look I think), the pages load faster, and the indicators on the search bar show progress of photo loading too.

What am I raving about...many of you must have tried it already, but I dint for some time because I couldnt download anything in my prev orgn. It was a freak I could do so here, and Hell do I like the change! :)
Opera, it is!
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