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Toothy tales

So finally I get to know why there are so few women dentists.
Most women are the what Norht Indians say, chui mui variety (i.e. like touch-me-not plants), superimpose that with being on a side of the dentists chair (any side). Its a horror to most, even if its a regular check up where all the poor dentist does is ask you to open your mouth and then say - alls fine! understandable that many women do not go in. But the clincher occured to me yesterday as I saw the juinior femme dentist stand a litle away as the senior doc pulled out my tooth... it requires Masonry to be a dentist.

So yesterday I went to the dentist, (this time not thinking about it because as I realised, it is the build-up thats the worst) and got one of the teeth removed. The receptinonist smiles to me and adheres to my request of getting to meet doccy fast. My queiry on having music on was cut short by Dr. PAtel with a crisp business-like "no". Short and sweet.

Now getting anaesthesia should have an anaesthesia. The needle just pricked and pricked on the inside of my mouth. EEwwwoouuuuch. Gaah! Blood :D
Then the nice lil old man in dentist suit demonstrated the effectiveness of it...see? no pain he pricks the mouth somewhere and then picks my chin - see? pain.
youll hear a lot of sound see? **demonstration** but no pain. then a short lecture on anaesthesia. I try not to look at the instruments.

Then after getting my mouth open just the right amount, the hammering begins. Bang, bang, bang-bang! Ouch! theres no pain, but the head feels a hammering. Thats a surprise. Swift change of instruments, and the exraction starts...using my chin as a lever! Ouch. now that hurt! I try to tell him hes hurting my CHIN. but i think since tongues were not moving and using my hands to remove his hand was not very advisable, my muffled gurgles of 'arrgghhh' were misunderstood by him. I think.

Since its adviceable to have 'soft food', what I want to have right now of course, is a bag of crispy chips. Sigh.

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27th Nov, 2006 13:50 (UTC)
thats not accurate
there are zillions of women dentists, in fact the hospital i go to is peopled exclusively by women, except for the maxillofacial surgeon. Same for the other hospital i visited recently, i know at least four women who are dentists and my niece is studying to be another..
28th Nov, 2006 04:17 (UTC)
Re: thats not accurate
Sash, you being you, im sure you will specifically end up in a hospital with only women docs...dentists included. its a wonder how ur orthopaedic isnt a woman...maybe because ur dad shortlisted him?!
28th Nov, 2006 04:25 (UTC)
Re: thats not accurate
lol!.. my ortho happened to be the first person, to visit the day of operation so he picked himself, if i had my way i would have had it be a lady.. ah well..... :)
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