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Today is the day...

Today is one of those days.
Nice day, slightly cool, pleasant t be precise, the day begins on a nice note.
Though I started off late from office, yet the coffee in my hand and the book in the other with music in my ears, on my way to work more than made up for all the delay. And the roads were clear enough for me to reach before time. Perhaps the reason could be no pain in my jaws too. No pain would be an exaggeration, because painkillers are still there.

In office too, everyone seems to be smitten with the coming-of-winter bug, and people are in high spirits, the most interesting being a normally quiet man somewhat next to me trying to outdo the youngest member of the team (Management Trainee) in personification of Mr. bachhan in his rendition of a dialogue from some movie (I cant remember which)
Most of marketing team is out on tours, and the BB is also not there...having a plant visit on cue.

Meanwhile P lets me know from his office that both his bosses are not in office and after so many days finally he gets time to have a relaxed lunch and of course, the famous and much-needed (cig) breaks.
D is also not in mood to work.

R's bday it is but he seems the diligent kind, while Sash has a nie time at home, and though Vinks is getting boed at work, definitely not in mood to work. M relaxing at home, ill, but enjoying her break. Richie sends a mail to the group after ages about memories of the IMI kind.

Yes, today is like the days of college...the time when we could on our whims move out of class and sit and preach, gaze and relax in the Monastry, while sipping on a hot/cold coffee/ banana milkshake, or eat a gooey chocolate cake, or a crisp egg and cheeze toast...

memories of lighter days inspired by the light sense of things around.

Today is the day to Live. To enjoy the New weather, the on coming of (luke cold) winters. Even he hardest of people seem to have melted. The day to initiate arkane conversations with people never spoken to before.The day when everything seems just right, and inspires you to think that things cannot be otherwise. That tomorrow will be the same if we do things just this way.

Naiive though that is. For tomorrow will be different. Just like yesterday was. Day before the world was ending, and today it seems full of promise and energy, confidence and enthusiasm. So, let us live it up today, before tomorrow comes (as Sheldon might have said).

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1st Dec, 2006 06:17 (UTC)
sort of weather is now what it is like here, near about 20, foggy and cool, not cold enough for a sweater though.. lazzzzzzzzzzzyyyy... I loooove winters :) ah those were the days werent they?
6th Dec, 2006 07:24 (UTC)
Nice One
Made me actually "feel" the kind of day it was.
And I liked the mention of my name :)
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