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re-inforcement of the Prison called Office

If I have not told you about it already, I think it is time I did. an employee on entering the office is supposed to punch-in, and punch-out. Now that is Ok, sine many companies do the same.
Apart from this, we also have a system, by which if you want to enter any floor, you have to show a different card to demagnetise the lock on the door which otherwise effectively shuts you out of the amenities on the floor.
Now, a few months ago, sometime in February, there was implementation of a new system, in part. This was the fingerprint system. Not only did you now have to punch in, you also showed your fingerprint to a machine which recognised you and thereby marked you present, and similar to punch out, you show your finger again. Oh! and yes, since it is 'beta' stage, you still have to punch in.
So now you punch in, and then show your finger (pun intended), and then enter the building, show a card and then enter your floor, switch on computer, enter your password (mandatory), and acess your work.
Of course, with the passage of time, lax ppl like me had given up helping the company in its testing stages, and were polite enough not to show the finger to the machine in the morning. However, in the last few days it had become mandatory once again.
Now, today, we are given another card. Why we ask. Details to be given later. Hhowever, crux of matter, it is something we show the fingerprint machine, then show our finger and thereby punch in.
Do i need to add to the above sentence? All I need to say is, now I have 3 cards to enter my office, and remember 1 password, apart from carrying my fingerprint without a change of prints, to actually sit at my desk, work and make the company some more profits to help it implement more cards for safety of the work I do! (or so they say)

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29th Dec, 2004 08:35 (UTC)
You have evil thoughts against the Great LeadersTM of the Organismation Orgasmation Company, citizen!
Please remain seated and wait for Security to take you away for summary trial and execution.
dEATH tO aLL wHo oPpOZ3 tH3 R3V0luTiON!!
29th Dec, 2004 09:34 (UTC)
I thought torrent made medicines?
seem to be in a jail of sorts, rather overzealous chap
seems to have setup this so called web of security,
which is meaningless anyway coz no thief(read other company employee) will enter through these doors.
Fingerprint locks are rather useless anyway, coz their scanners
are very very bad. Ultimately there will be some chap laughing after posting an entire treatise on the molecular structure of a new drug on the web, without entering your hallowed portals.
Happens all the time..
30th Dec, 2004 12:45 (UTC)
Re: I thought torrent made medicines?
Also..be prepared to have your thumb hacked off at gunpoint by some madman out to do corporate espionage!
30th Dec, 2004 08:46 (UTC)
...and you know what the best part is? The fact that the guy marking your attendance marks you absent if you punch in after 10 am. But, if you punch in at, say, 2o clock in the afternoon he will mark you present for the day, cuz that, to him, implies you have been out doing fieldwork all afternoon.
Ofcourse you have to train him a bit by punching that late atleast twice a month and then badgering him with snail and e mail. But it works!Hurrah! But then I dunno if that would work for IOD.
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