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Arbit thoughts

(Aside: There is this post I had written, but didnt post...perhaps later in the day today?)

So today is the first day of the last month of the year 2006. The officially winter-is-here month, the official year-is-ending month, the official month of innumerable-holidays-for-some-lucky-people-in-the-world. (Also for people in Calcutta today who have a sudden Bandh declared where all transport is closed for the day - forced holiday - post 6am and pre 11pm).

It also brings me to think about 1st Jan. Sure its nice to finish off a year and say "Thats that!". Finally the countdown to last day of the year ends. Bid farewell to a good/ bad year with respective sentiments, but its also the beginning of a complete new year. A whole 365 days of possibility and adventure. 365 days of activity. 365 more days before you can say "bye-bye" again.
As usual, a cycle of waiting for something to end only to find that a new beginning means a new wait for the end.

Of course it is all on paper, and only divided by humans, nothing drastically different, but it is a frame of reference.

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