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Unlike normal Blogging, Vblogging is somethign that I think requires a lot of confidence and extrovertedness.
I mean think about it. Here I a sitting and writing this post comfortable in the knowledge that unless you ask me directly, you dont know my complete name, have never posted a snap of myself, and you definitely have no idea which company Im working for. (I hope all that is true, else youre good at finding stuff out - do let me know!)

and here, in vblogging, not only do you talk about stuff, you capture your video for the world to see. You need to be an extrovert, extremely confident of yourself (not just looks here) as well as somewhat narcissitic. And, you need to be someone rather fond of publicity. Not all bloggers want to be famous. Especially those who keep journals. Right?


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2nd Dec, 2006 09:06 (UTC)
Re: Ew..
But then lonelygirl was an orchestrated thing-and it clicked also because she looks hot.
For every lonelygirl there are a million others on LJ and other places, whose blogs are far from public. I'm not of course talking of the general interest/political commentary type blogs which have millions of readers.
Take us, for instance..AFAIK it's just the 3 of us reading each others blogs. Occasionally a random comment from a stranger that creeps me out.

I would say that despite the risk of exhibitionism- no one is really that interested in looking at your vlog unless it has something unique. So unless you're actually doing things to attract attention to it, by and large it would remain as unnoticed as any other blog.

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