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Damage Assesment

Time takes its own time. Wierd how such a relative thing, created by man out of thin air, has so much price, importance and value that we acutally count it in terms of actual quantifiable things. Time is money for instance, and days pass by. A change fo year, a mere number at the end of (again something created by us) date, a celelbration...a cause for inebriaton for some, and a cause for Mother-of-all-valid-excuses for others to not do something.
However, what Im here to dwell upon is the phenomenon of 'new year'. well 'New' whatever that means, neverthelss signifies 2005 in this context. What was 2004? Less confused than 2003 is the first thing that leaps to my mind. Second thing, the year of weddings. So many of my freinds have either tied the knot or moved very close to doing so.
It was a year of changes, starting with my re-assignement to USA from Europe team. Probably the biggest factor having this boss, because it changed the course of my thoughts. Where I was planning to leave by June 30th (yes I had a date fixed in my head) I left every thought of moving out of this place and re-formatted my ideas of Ahmedabad, and turned it into this 'nice' city from 'this goddam hole'. Hmm. And then the bifurcation to an administrative boss and an intellectual boss. One i admire one i have no respect for ( in reverse order)...3 bosses in 1 yr, 2 departments with enough overlap with other almost non-existent departments, an almost daily changing job profile, all with different aspects of pharma. in a year and half an approach to as many things possbile right from finance to operations to marketing...HR is missing...who needs a shift now? Can barely cope here. yes, a learning year. What next though.
What was 2004? It was but a moment in my life, leaving many imprints for the coming years, some good some bad. But of course that is so with every year. I say 1986 to you, and what do you remember? Im sure there is something! I have my own memories, I can smell the atmosphere, feel the pleasure, with every memory, its own imprint.
Funny how bad memories override pleasant ones. and how personal ones effect more than even your closest frnds ones. How ur experience no matter how trivial will remain impinged, but that of your very own parents may be dim...
Today a Tsunami, yesterday an earthquake, day before a cyclone. Just some more things that happen on this earth, another story to tell, another topic to debate on, another day to pass by...some more TIME killed.
What about 2005? well, another year of uncertainty, making me wiser at the year end, and older. Another year of ups and downs, highs and lows, fear and courage, of exhileration and depression, of new softwares and newer internet tools. and more importantly, of new music. Another year adding something more to my CV, another year adding more to my diary, and Goodnes knows, maybe this blog? A year during which I will feel at points - why does it not end? in vain hope that 2006 will be better, and at other moments wish it to stay still and not move, because the next moment may not be as wonderful as that. A year which will yet again confirm the thought that Time is but continuous no matter how much you try to cut it up and put it in pieces of days, months, years, weather...

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1st Jan, 2005 13:12 (UTC)
Was just about to post a very similiar blog. Parting with something, even something as intangible as a year, makes us want to analyse the time spent in that space. Its only human i guess to want to analyse, more so if you have spent two years of your life analysing why things dont happen or for that matter fail to come to their logical conclusion.
I think it would have been good if we all had selective memories. Start every year with the slate wiped clean. Then ofcourse you can make all those mistakes again ( you are going to anyways) without feeling guilty for not having learnt anything from the previous instance!
BTW dips, here's wishing you a very happy new year.

"Walls for the wind
And a roof for the rain,
And drinks beside the fire.
Laughter to cheer you
And those you love near you.
And all that your heart may desire."
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