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More on meatings

Even as I rant about meetings online and off it, I come across this article quite by mistake.

I had fallen in love with Bachi Karkaria's prose some time ago, and gifted al those near at hand with a copy of her editorial's compilation. I even went to her book reading session and had a meaningful conversation about Parsi nomenclature over a cup of coffee (she was having and I was a table away from) with her. The conversation ceased when I failed to recognise by name her (then) bosom buddy sitting next to her, who had taken kindly to me - er... forgotten the social activists name again :D long white hair, writes (i think) on Gujarat and does a spot of theater as well? Anyone?.. ah well.

Now RexzillaRexzilla has brought the flame back to Jug Suraiya and his Jugular Vein.

In the cheek and definitely addictive. Another author who wrote short prose and got me reading every bit was Nikhil Chinappa, my young-adult fav MTv VJ.

Whose next? I ask, rubbing my hands in glee.

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