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websites for posting comments

recently I came across a few sites where ppl write on anything and everything - no they are not really "blogging". They are posting comments on a variety of things starting with sports and ending with consumer durables. A site where "you can get a real feedback from users".
However, what I fail to understand is, how can people rely on such postings? A person who writes here is either extremel dissatisfied, else delighted with the product. No one with a so-so response would think of spending time and writing a reasonably long review on something. The subject has to be close to you heart for you to choose it, and then rate it and review it, and then wait for others to read it.
How can such sites exist? Does this not show the desperateness of ppl to be seen and heard? Ont he other end of the spectrum, we have ppl who will be folish enough to go bybthese reviews. After all, as the famous satying goes, one mans meat...
However, if you are loking for confidence before making a huge investment, and would like to know that there a re people who liked it post purchase, and cared enough to write about it, well then, this site is ideal for them!
The world indeed is surprising, with the varieties! And internet somehow makes all this even more conspicuous. the world exagerrated in responses and reduced in size.


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