DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Just a (serious) request

So afternoon drowsiness strikes, and of course it is better to type than to talk on phone.

hey, to all those people who do happen to read my posts, a sincere, small request. You see, its great if you comment, positive or negative. But since some (few) of you dont sign in, I dont get to know who commented, and I dont think you read my comment on your comment asking you to leave your name.
I would like to have a clue as to who you are...some indication.

M always writes "M" or "JM". Even if she misses out, her writing style is usually distinct and usually we talk, so I get to know.
P comments sometimes, and after racking my brains, I can sort of guess and confirm by asking him...
D - well, Dunno.
Akhila reads (?)- she is silent, but the few times she has commented, she left her name.
At least Sashdude, Rexzilla, Bohemebelle, Sarcar and Dirx sign in.
It really helps to know who has commented. At least for me.

So, the next time you leave a note for me in the form of comment, can you please, please please please leave your name?

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