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If I re-read one post of mine a day, as one today, I will be occupied for one year and 10 days. Wow. And at one time I used to wonder about 50 posts!

Just for the heck of it - ektu bangla te likhi. Jodi shob posts bangla te hoto, sheo ingreji te lekha bangla te, tahole besh.... odbhut lagto.
Now thats called rambling without reason. Dont even try to figure that out.

One of my phones went into coma trying to cry out for a feeding session. Unfortunately I could not locate the extension for the standard Nokia charger to connect to my N series. What a nuisance. Meanwhile my other phone stands at one bar. I wait for it to start beeping. And now I dont even have the standard charger (or person with it) around.

Living creatures all of them, I tell you.

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