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My auto-wallah

When I joined this place, leaving at 830am was a pain, as was hunting down an auto. One (fine) day I found this auto guy who after dropping me in front of the office building asked - aap har din yahan aoge?
(You will be coming here everyday?)
Same time?
yes. (me interested)
*Beam* then I will come everyday to drop you. Ok? and just for you, at rsX only.

I was, needless to say more than happy.

Since then barring a day or two he has been punctual, totally in sync with the company hols of 2 and 4th saturday, confirming in advance, and letting me know on two occassions when he wanted to get his auto serviced. Getting Rs 500 change at that unearthly hour from his fav gas stations on the way.

Eager, enthusiastic and chatty, I managed to reduce the daily conversation to a "Good Morning" and a sort of bye on leaving, so I could concentrate on my book and music. Is that coffee in that black flask he asked - pointing to my sipper, a surprisingly acute observation considering the office ppls question on what it is (and why).

As days go by, I become more lax with the time of leaving, streching it by 5 mins etc...and we all know how precious a single minute is to someone like me, ie most of us...I noticed how he takes time as his own property. Cruising along the road, looking at the flowers (if any on the sreet side) twisting back to see passing cars, leaving the accelerator to relax his hands...letting the auto go on its own momentum on the slight downhill on the way...you get the picture.
This, to a person struggling to get to office on time is simply put - gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
On the first day I had time in my hands - so I asked - Something going on back there? What are you looking at? Mistake - he explained it to me. in Gujju, which I understood none of.
On the second day - is your hand hurt r somethiing? Why have you left the accelerator? Grin. Turns around to my alarm and explains the slope concept - i think - in Gujju.
So, one the third day, when I had little margin for late punch in I say, can you drive a little faster?
Hoo boy he picked up.

Resut being, he thoroughyl enjoys himself on the way every morning. Cruising at the highest speed of his auto, he replaces any grand prix driver. The hand never leaves the horn, no matter if the nearest vehicle is 5/6 metres away, at a faster speed than him.

honking away, taking steep turns, making my hair stand up on one or two occassions, he reaches me to the office doorstep in record speed, and smiles triumphantly.

I am afraid to ask him to take it easy. Over eager and helpful guy that he is, he might revert to gazing at the sky, sun, etc etc.

or is is the winter air thats made him 'frisky/?

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15th Dec, 2006 06:29 (UTC)
Your job may be teh suckage for now...atleast this guy brightens up the morning for you! If nothin else his driving will drive home the value of life! ^^
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