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Of Bacteria, Smoke and Us

It is perhaps not surprising to see so many of us suffering from various allergies. Right from pollen to smoke, allergies effect everyone in different ways.
Almost 50% of all people I know have some allergy or the other - from childhood, or newly developed as adults.

Allergy, it has been noted, is common in urban areas as compared to rural environments. Interpretation of this statistic can be wide varied.

Like some say the cause is exposure to pollutants and gasses that the human body has not yet evolved to cope with. SO2, NO2, CO etc in the urban atmosphere on a regular basis has not helped children and adults any, and therefore results in severe immunological response from the body - an allergy.

Some others say that in an urban environment there is scope of buffering, of keeping away so many irritants, that the defense mechanism of the body softens up. As a result, on triggering some irritant, the defense goes haywire and over-reacts.

In some cases psychologists have gone far enough to analyse and say that in children repeat instances may be a cause of the psychological need to be cared for, available only when the child is ill. This can trigger very real symptoms and real diseases. (Extrapolation of the game theory.)

What can you do about strong immune system? Nothing, except replace it, something rather drastic. Else, get used to the triggers. In most severe cases, getting used to is not an option, where in come immuno suppressant medicines. And is the market full of them or what?
Or what.

Sleep inducing ones, to ones that help you function normally. Tablets to injections, inhalers to oxidisers...the list is endless and ever increasing.

During the bird flu, there was a mention in the world summit that chances of it spreading in India was lo because of the high defense mechanism of he people here, thanks to being exposed to such a large variety of germs at so many levels. Whereas the chances of it spreading and effecting people in aseptic environs of EU/US were much higher.

Makes me think of bacteria resistant to drugs. You can kill the normal ones with medicines, but not the mutant ones.

So when do we become mutants, the virulent strains? When do we start developing the resistance? Is it a matter of time, is it a matter of facing the problem factor and resisting it? Or is it simply unconquerable, and we have to change the way we live?
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