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This song - 'I fall apart' from Vanilla Sky has a catchy tune. I like the way its sung, though the 4 lines of the song could have been better sung. Rather amateurish, but thats its charm. Something about it captures the movie too. If I havent written about Vanilla Sky, let me say its a must-see, awesome movie. Painful is the right adjective actually.

Server was down since morning, and couldnt connect yesterday. It seems like the server here doesnt work more than 50% of the time, and for the rest my comp doesnt work.

Nuances of common Gujrati:(as learnt from colleagues)
Vivah -      means marriage in Hindi                                                means engagement in Gujju
Lehenga -  means the full skirt worn by tribal women in hindi etc.      means cloth worn as dhoti by men in Gujju
And some more which I cannot recall right now.

So next week moms in town, and still havent had chance to meet BB and ask for leave. Contemplating trip to delhi in Jan. Will depend on leave status post mom visit :/ Afterall the final budgeting excercise is also next week. So are some other stupid read 'crucial' meetings. Meetings. Bah.
Still have to plan 31st. Wonder what to do this time round. Going to one of those DJ nights/ parties are such a bore finally.

Spent a nice Sunday with the US regulatory head of previous company who was in town, rather nice meeting her. With updates from the company, and her visiting India the first time after the FDA approval, she was rather animated...or was it my presence? ;)

December took its time coming, but finally it seems chock full.
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