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Indipendent experiments by indipendent scientists are small. Once a person is so involved in his/her work, it is difficult for him/her to see the large picture, with which they started. Once you have delved into deeper problems, it is improbable that you will be able to do so simultaneously for all aspects of the concrete whole. The attention then fixes on a part of the problem, goes deeper and deeper into it, yielding a minor analysis, a proof of a thought proving something which the researcher may have started off with as a thought/idea arising from common sense (Something usually as small as proving colorblind-ness is indeed a true phenomenon, or that to take it more simplistically, 2+2 IS indeed 4). Then to the master, many such small experiment results and work of other scientists with so many small experiments proving that the bolts are bolts, and the sheet of iron is indeed iron, combine together to make the master think of the complete whole. Thus s/he thinks of the Car, and uses all the small aprts now ready, and devices and proves the Car.


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