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of flash sites and such

Hey cool. My last entry was no 381, my (shortened) birthday/yr ;)

After I saw SashdudeSashdude's yesterdays mail on leekspin, I had to open the badgerbadgerbadger site. Somehow I like it, even though its bugging. I like the accent for "badger' with the "d" being pronounced somewhere.

So then, like for Leekspin where I ended up on wikipedia (and uselessly and quite failingly tried to sing along), I found better & more uncouth delight in badger-3 site, and its later updates. Potter-3 being one of the better ones in my opinion. Definitely better than a girl singing about cooking some spring onion. :) Though its hard to imagine those words actually making sense. Seems out of an enid Blyton gibberish page, with "dippy" thrown in for good measure.

Considering that my company has blocked the official badger-3 site under "downloading freeware and ssareware" its a wonder the rest of them opened. (of course there are so many other places where badger-3 is shown).

So I educated a colleague (the only available one) on the beauty and difference of these endless looped flash things.

I know there are zillions more, but I still like Badger, and potter, and footy...and who can forget the Arrgh! Snake!
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