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Keyboard Circuit Pouch

Yesterday, I put together the remaining keyboard circuit I have after the last operation and started making a cell phone pouch. Only, halfway throughI decided it would be a multi-purpose pouch with a flap that I could close with a magnet.

However, as it shaped up, I thought it would be way cooler to keep it as a pouch which I could hang somewhere, using the holes in the circuit or simply by magnets. And I made this.

Its pretty handy, and I intend to keep recipts and bills of immediate use as well as a few often used take out menus in it. Of course, it contains a little stationary to make life simpler. On the whole? Im pretty happy with it.


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New Notepaad

So I got hold of the motherboard circuit from an old keyboard and used it to modify a spiral writing pad last night.

writing pad
Looks decent eh?
writing pad again
Yes, that is indeed a mother board / circuit. The yellow bit of paper is a dry-cleaners bill which I have kept tucked in that instead of in my bulging wallet - it also shows off the pocket better on camera. This also makes the notepad waterproof.

The second snap shows the notepad resting on my keyboard with a pen inside. The actual pages are a nice bright blue, on which blue ink looks almost-black.

I will soon try to make more versions now that this experiment has turned out decent. After all, lack of a smartphone means I'm back to paper and pen - but not without a little circuitry!


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